Property Managers & Landlords

Do you keep calling an electrician to fix the same problem?

How can you know that your electrical problems have been fixed properly? No property manager or landlord wants to waste their time chasing up an electrician due to sub-standard workmanship on your properties. It is in your best interest to keep your properties safe and hassle-free for both you and your clients.

Lindsay has worked closely with many property managers and landlords, helping to ensure electrical safety and legal compliance. Lindsay is an expert in electrical repairs and upgrades. He can provide you with fool-proof and low maintenance one-stop solutions and advice that you can trust.

Lindsay feels that reliability is critical. You can count on him to be on time and to fix your electrical problems efficiently for the least cost possible.

Lindsay’s services include:

  • 24hr call-out service
  • Electrical repairs and upgrades
  • Energy audits
  • Ventilation systems