Electrical Upgrades

Wanting to install a new home entertainment system? Technology is constantly advancing, and many old electrical systems are finding it hard to cope with new products and increased load of more appliances.

Electrical systems are prone to wear and tear. It is important to check if there is enough power in your home for all your electrical needs without a risk of fire. Regular testing of your system will give you peace of mind. It will enable you to steer clear of hazardous and costly situations occurring in the future.

Lindsay can upgrade your electrical systems. This will lower the risk of electrical hazards and future-proof your home to deal with new technology products and systems.

Electrical upgrades include:

  • House/office rewires
  • Add new outlets, add new circuits to take more load, remove and replace old wiring
  • Moving meters to be outside
  • Allow meter reading to happen any time without having to leave a key or be at home
  • Upgrading switchboards
  • Tired of ugly switchboards and having to change fuse wire in the dark? Upgrade to a tidy unobtrusive panel of circuit breakers
  • Updating switches and hot points
  • When renovating and adding new outlets, you can get a mismatch with the old switches and outlets

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