Heating Systems

Is your heating bill already too expensive? With energy prices on the rise it is likely to start costing even more.

A warm home is vital for your comfort and health. And keeping it warm doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think. Lindsay can offer other options which can reduce your power bills and make your existing heating options more efficient.

Lindsay will take a look at your options and give you expert advice on which heating system would best be suited to you, your budget and the environment.

Whether you are heating a single room, or your whole house, installation is done with the least amount of interference to your building or renovating schedule. Lindsay performs installations of heating systems that are approved and certified to all the appropriate New Zealand and international standards.

Types of heating installation include:

  • Undertile Heating
  • Halogen Heating
  • Undercarpet Heating
  • Heat Controllers
  • Inslab Heating
  • Heated Towel Rails
  • Outdoor Heaters
  • Insulation Boards
  • Panel Heaters
  • Mirror Demisters

Heating systems can be installed into both new and existing homes.

Lindsay has the experience to deliver practical heating solutions within your budget and on time.